Hi! Welcome on our website. If you would like to play chess in Groningen, improve your game and socialize at the same time, you have found the right club!


SISSA is a student’s chess club, although it is not limited to students. We are a vivid, competitive and sociable chess club for anyone who wants to play chess in a comfortable and casual setting.
Every Monday night our club is active in Proeflokaal Hooghoudt, a sociable cafe in the city center of Groningen. In contrast to other chess clubs, SISSA embraces the sounds of music and chatter during the chess games. After the chess game, many members stick around to play some blitz games or switch to other games. Once a month, usually the last Monday of the month, the regular competition is replaced by a blitz tournament (i.e. 5 minutes per person per game).

Club Competition:

If you would like to experience playing chess at SISSA, you are welcome to join us in Proeflokaal Hooghoudt (Gedempte Zuiderdiep 61) on Monday night. If you sign up for our competition before 20:00 o'clock on our online forum or with our competition manager, you can play a game against one of our members. You can choose between a long match (1:30 hour + 30 seconds per move) or a short match (1 hour). The competition manager will try to find an opponent of about the same level.

Currently our competition manager is Gertjan Haan (Gertjanhaan@live.nl). You can write him a mail or just talk to him at the club.

Regional & National Competition:

If you want to play chess matches for rating as well, you can join one of our teams to play in the regional and/or national chess competition. For the women among us, we even have a women's team!

In the regional competition, our home matches take place on Friday at 20:00 o'clock in 'het Denksportcentrum' (DSC). Away matches depend on the club night of other teams in the region.

The national competition takes place on Saturday, with all matches starting at 13:00 o'clock.

If you have any questions about these competitions and the teams, please don't hesitate to contact one of our board members. You can find their details under 'Contact'.

Short History:

SISSA (fully: Scaccare Inter Studioses Stimulat Amicitiam) is also a character from a famous chess legend. Our chess club was founded on 18 November 1936. Initially, SISSA was a small student’s chess club, but in the seventies it grew out to be a visible chess club which was no longer reserved for students only. To illustrate, we have had a senior’s team and even young fathers continue playing chess at SISSA.

From 2010 to 2018, SISSA was sponsored by Hotels.nl. In 2014, our first team made its debut in the ‘Meesterklasse’, the highest Dutch chess league. In 2018 SISSA had to withdraw the team in this league, because the sponsorship came to an end.